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The hydraulic elevator is a new automatic wellhead tool. It can automatically open and close elevator body and center top cover, under the action of the hydraulic force, in a predetermined order. Thus clamp and release the string. Hydraulic elevator is mainly used for drill pipe, casing, tubing, drill collars and other string to achieve clamped in the drilling, workover tripping and run tubing process. It is simple, safe and reliable.



v  Hydraulic controlled, highly automated, low labor intensity.

v  Enlarge the elevator adaptable range for strings with combinations of elevator body, jaws case and jaws.

v  Safety level is improved with hydraulic feedback device, and the driller can full time monitor the elevator working conditions with relevance feedback display device.

v  Special design of integrated automatic and manual lubrication device improves working conditions at tapered surface, extending the elevator working life.

v  The design of quick jaws case installation achieve quickly Jaws case replaced when string still clamped in the jaws case, minimizing the impact of tripping operation.




Adaptation rotary table models

Suitable string range (in)

Rated loadkN(Sh. Ton)

HS375-500 Hydraulic elevator

ZP375转盘  Rotary tables

2 3/8″13 3/8″


HS495-750  Hydraulic elevator

ZP495转盘  Rotary tables

2 3/8″20″



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