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As the sole domestic gauge manufacturer obtaining the use right of API monogram, the company is specialized in the manufacture of full series of oil thread gauges, and possesses a complete set of totally-enclosed high-precision thread grinding equipment and gauging instruments, including vacuum heat treatment, cold treatment, and surface heat treatment, operating in the working environment of constant-temperature and -humidity.


The gauges are manufactured from highly abrasion-resistant alloy steel by special treatment, and can ensure the precision, dimension stability and service life for long-term use.


Oil tubing thread gauges are classified into non-upset tubing thread (TBG) and external-upset tubing thread (UP TBG);


Oil casing thread gauges are classified into round thread of casing (CSG) and buttress thread of casing (BCSG).


Thread gauges for all kinds of special thread forms can be designed and produced as customers required.

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