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The company has imported the complete set of design and manufacture technology of FLOPatorl Johnston Co. of the U.S., and has the biggest constant-temperature assembly testing room in China and complete experimental equipment, as well as various machining machinery necessary for production of formation testing tools, including MFE of 3 1/8” 3 3/4”, 4 1/4” and 5”for testing of strings for cased and uncased wells, complete set of pressure-controlled formation tester of large bore diameter  3 7/8”and 5”, and 5”inflatable formation testing system applying to uncased wells with sand mudstone formation and irregular bore diameters.



DC3 7/8GY全通径压控测试器  DC3 7/8GY full opening pressure controlled tester


提升短节         Hoisting nipple

提升短节         Hoisting nipple

3 7/8圆心轴伸缩接头  Round slip joint

5圆心轴伸缩接头   Round slip joint

3 7/8液压循环阀  Hydraulic circulating valve

液压循环阀      Hydraulic circulating valve

3 7/8取样循环阀    Sampler circulating valve

5取样循环阀   Sampler circulating valve

3 7/8取样器  Sampler

5取样器  Sampler

3 7/8全通径放样阀       Full opening drain valve

5全通径放样阀      Full opening drain valve

3 7/8 LPR-N阀 Valve

5LPR-N阀  Valve

3 7/8液压震击器  (大约翰震击器)

4 5/8、5液压震击器   (大约翰震击器)

5 RTTS循环阀       Circulating valve

7 5/8 RTTS循环阀        Circulating valve

5 1/2 RTTS循环阀        Circulating valve

9 5/8 RTTS循环阀  Circulating valve

5 1/2、5 RTTS安全接头      Safety joint      

7 RTTS、9 5/8 RTTS安全接头         Safety joint      

5 RTTS封隔器       Packer

7 RTTS封隔器       Packer

5 1/2 RTTS封隔器  Packer

9 5/8 RTTS 封隔器       Packer

99多功能循环开关阀  multifunction circulating switch valve      (3 7/8OMNI阀 valve)

127 多功能循环开关阀        multifunction circulating switch valve  (5 OMNI阀  valve)

99RD安全循环阀   Safety circulating valve

127RD安全循环阀       Safety circulating valve

99RD循环阀   Circulating valve

127RD循环阀        Circulating valve

配合接头  Crossover sub(2 7/8 UP TBG.B×2 3/8 IF.P)

配合接头  Crossover sub (2 7/8 UP TBG.P×3 1/2FH.B)

3 3/4重型筛管       Heavy sieve tube

5 重型筛筒     Heavy sieve tube

3 7/8压力计托筒    Pressure gage carrier

5 3/8全通径压力计托筒       Pressure gage carrier

3 7/8 VR安全接头         Safety joint

4 5/8 VR安全接头         Safety joint

3 3/4 BT压力计托筒     Pressure gage carrier

5 外挂式压力计托筒     Pressure gage carrier

配合接头  Crossover sub(2 7/8 IF.B×2 7/8UP TBG.P、2 3/8 IF.B×2 3/8UP TBG.P)

配合接头  Crossover sub(4 1/2IF.B×3 1/2FH.P、3 1/2IF.B×2 7/8 UP TBG.P、3 1/2 IF.B×3 1/2 FH.、2 7/8 UP TBG.B×3 1/2 FH.、3 1/2 FH.B×3 1/8-8 UN.、3 1/2 FH.B×2 7/8 UP TBG.)      


127RD取样器  Sampler 、9 5/8  and 7多功能测试接头  Multifunction testing joint

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